❤️ A 21 year old who looks 10. Co-Founder of the Fountain Of Youth with Pharrell Williams. I once transformed into a lamp post and Kanye West walked into me.

Anonymous said: there's so many dirty things i'd do to you but it's rude to do so i'll just be a good boy and keep my hands to myself

Yeah, you do that.

Anonymous said: how do your parents feel about you liking hiphop music? do they approve?

My mum doesn’t care bc why should she? 😄

She also lowkey enjoys hip-hop music anyway, like her fav Wu-Tang song is Gravel Pit and she
goes wild when I play it and she stans for Pharrell and Kanye so i’ve taught her well. 😄

Anonymous said: would you rather tyler or meth to go down on you?

This might be the toughest decision i’ve ever had to make in my life.

I’ma pick T just bc we like a lot of the same stuff and idk, if I could get him to go down on me then after I could show him how awesome I am and he’d be like wow ok i’ma stay with this chick and then my life would be complete.

I’d probably sob happy tears even if I was in the same room as Meth so I could imagine him going down on me would be pretty awkward just for that reason. 😄

Follow these rules you’ll have mad bread to break up, if not, 24 years, on the wake up.

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