❤️ A 21 year old who looks 10. Co-Founder of the Fountain Of Youth with Pharrell Williams. I once transformed into a lampost and Kanye West walked into me.

Anonymous said: At what age do you think it becomes unhealthy/pathetic to have never been kissed?

There isn’t an age it becomes unhealthy/pathetic bc it’s entirely your business and nobody else’s whether you choose to kiss someone or not, if you’re not ready or you haven’t found someone you wanna share that moment with then it’s totally fine. Society makes you think that you’ve gotta rush into all this shit, but it’s not that big a deal.

A drag queen who looked like he was in his late 70’s came into work today looking for dresses for his next performance and I helped him out and found a few dresses that really suited him and went with the theme he was going for and he was so thankful and told me that he really appreciated my help and then he left the store. About 10 minutes later he came back with a bag of ice cream lollies that he’d bought for me as a thank you and told me that I’d made his day and that I’m such a lovely girl, he was so so cute and sweet and it makes me so happy seeing someone older really enjoying and making the most of their life and not caring what anyone else thinks, like I hope I’m as amazing as him when I’m that age.

rossdibenzi said: hey are you from ireland?

Northern Ireland. 😊

  -  28 July
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